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PA R I S, the charming capital of France is over 2000 years old . Most of the world's finest  monuments are here. French are really proud of their rich heritage. I really appreciate them for preserving their historic treasures. In this page I wish to explain some of the monuments I have visited & it's short history .

Around 250-200 BC,  Loukteih ( Celtic for marsh)  was a small fishing island inhabited by Parisii tribe - the Gaulish people. (At present this island is called Ile de la Cité). In 52 BC Labienus, a Lieutenant of Julius Caesar conquered  Loukteih and renamed as  Lutetia. For centuries Gauls & Romans lived harmoniously sharing their cultures and traditions. Lutetia became an important  commercial centre under Roman Empire. Christianity was introduced in 250 AD by St Denis. Later at  360 AD  Lutetia was renamed as Paris ( City of Parisii) by  Julian the Apostate proclaimed emperor of Rome.