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France is famous for it's gastronomy. A typical French meal is served in 3 courses-Entrée-Plat-Dessert. After dessert, cheese is served. The meal is completed with a black cofee (café). Normally  red wine is served  with meat & white winewith fish . In most dishes they use wine as an ingredient. In " Boef Bourginon" meat is marinated in red wine. The staple food of French is "Baguette" - long skinny French bread. Several delicious breakfast items of the French are  Croissant (flaky pastry in the shape of cresent), Pain aux raisins ( Spiral shaped pastry with raisins), Chausson aux Pommes (flaky pastry filled with apple compote), Pain aux Chocolat ( Flaky pastry with chocolate filling).

I'm not a great admirer of  cheese & wine. But I came to know that some of the world famous French cheese's are Rocamadour, Camembert, Brie, Reblochon, Roquefort, Emmental. France is the world’s largest producer of wine.  Famous Wines are  Alsace,Bordeaux, Burgundy, Champagne, Côtes du Rhone, Jura, Languedoc, Loire valley & Médoc. Sparkling-bubbly wine Champagne is reserved for celebrations & ( red,rose& white) wine for everyday use.

There is another  French product for Christmas & New Year- The Foie Gras (Fatty liver of goose/duck). Birds are force-fed for some months. Due to overeating, their livers swell to eight to10 times their normal size. After the bird is killed, the liver is soaked overnight in milk, water or port. It's drained, then marinated with various seasonings.Canned foie gras are available in super markets. Fresh foie gras is grilled or baked.

Anyway  I love Indian dishes.Can't forget our delicious items like Vellayappan, Puttu & Kadala, Idli, Dosa, Poori, Arikaduka etc. I'm not a great cook, but my Mom is really a Great Chef. I miss her delicious items. Her specialities are toffees & fudges . It's very difficult to get all the ingredients in France. For every Kerala visit, I used to bring all sorts of masala used in Indian Cuisine. Here are some of my quick recipes.

Enjoy   My     Dishes !