30 octobre 2007

Bollywood - 1942 A Love Story

Bollywood - 1942 A Love StoryVidéo envoyée par donbanania Film : 1942 A Love Story Song: Ek Ladki To DekhaActors : Anil Kapoor & Manisha Koirala
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30 octobre 2007

Vegetable Stew

Spicy Vegetable Stew Ingredients2 potatoes3 carrots1 cup peas1 big onion (sliced)1 big tomato (sliced)1 chilli (half slit)1 cinnamon stick2 cloves1 tsp chopped ginger1 tbsp coriander powder1 tsp salt15 cl liquid cream/ coconut milkGarnishing1 tbsp ghee1 shallot( finely sliced)1 tsp pepper powdercurry leaves / coriander leavesMethodIn a saucepan mix all the eleven ingredients. Add 1 cup water.Simmer & cook for 10-15mn.If the veggies are cooked, remove from fire.Add cream & stir well.Heat ghee in a pan &  fry shallots... [Lire la suite]
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23 octobre 2007

Chelsea Buns

Pains aux raisins Ingredients For the pastry550g flour25g fresh yeast70g butter210ml milk75g sugar2 eggsA pinch of saltFor filling50g butter50g sugar50g currants25g sultanas1 tsp cinnamon powderFor glaze1 egg1 tbsp milkMethodPreheat oven to 180°.Dilute yeast in warm milk.Mix all the other ingredients & knead for 10mnKeep the dough it in the fridge for 1 hour. Cream together butter & sugar.Then add raisins,currants &cinnamon powder.Roll out into rectangular shape (30*23) & spread the filling uniformly.Roll out into... [Lire la suite]
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19 octobre 2007

7 Cup Sweet

Seven Cup Sweet Ingredients1 cup gramflour1 cup dessicated coconut /fresh coconut1 cup ghee/ butter1 cup milk3 cups sugar1/2 tsp cardomom powderMethodDry roast gram flour for a while in medium heat. Add dessicated coconut, sugar,ghee, milk .Stir continousely over medium heat.When the mixture thickens, add cardomom powderWhen it leaves the sides of the pan, remove from fire . Pat it onto a greased dish & cut into desired shapes.
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17 octobre 2007

Brinjal Vada / Beignets d'aubergines

Brinjal BajjiIngredients 3 tbsp gram flour1 tsp chilli powder1 egg1/2 tsp salt2 cloves(crushed)1 Brinjal / Eggplant( finely sliced ) Chopped curryleaves (optional)WaterOil for fryingMethod Mix first five ingredients & keep aside for some time.If the batter is thick add some water.Keep aside for 15 min. Heat oil in a  frying pan.Dip the sliced brinjal in the batter & deep fry. Cook both sides of the bajji until golden brown.Remove using a slotted spoon & drain on a kitchen paper. Serve hot with or as a starter. ... [Lire la suite]
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12 octobre 2007

Gazelle's Horns

Cornes de gazelles Ingredients250g flour3 tbsp oil (75g butter)1/2 tsp salt10 cl orange waterFor filling200g almond paste(sweetened)1tsp cinnamon powder ***For homemade almond paste150g almond powder120g icing sugar1 tsp cinnamon powder1 egg white2 tbsp orange waterMethodMix first four ingredients & keep aside.Mix almond paste & cinnamon powder.Take a dough ball & flatten .Cut it into 7 c.m disc.Take a small cylinder of the almond mix & place it in the disc .Moist the other side of the pastry & fold it.Press &... [Lire la suite]
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05 octobre 2007

Kessra - Moroccan Rotti

Kessra Ingredients  500g semolina1 tsp salt1 tsp yeast granules1/2 glass olive oil / vegetable oil300 ml luke warm waterMethodMix all the ingredients & keep aside for 3 hours.Make orange sized balls.Take a dough ball & pat it into thick rotti.Heat a non stick pan , grease & cook the rotti.Using a fork prick all over the rotti. Flip & cook the other side. Repeat the process with other dough balls. Serve with Veg/Non veg Curry.Moroccans serve with tajine.Thanks to Cherazade for this recipe.
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03 octobre 2007

Trichur Pooram - 2007

Famous temple festival of Kerala.
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03 octobre 2007

Chaudvin Ka Chand ...

Chaudvin Ka Chand - Chaudvin KaVidéo envoyée par hazel43628 Movie : Chaudvin Ka Chand Actors : Guru Dutt & Waheeda RehmanSong : Chaudavin Ka Chaand Ho Singer : Mohammad Rafi
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03 octobre 2007

Malabar Fish Curry

    Malabar Fish Curry Ingredients 1 kg salmon or any other fisha small piece of ginger (chopped)2 green chillies (half slit)1 tsp chilli powder1/2 tsp turmeric powder3 Shallots (chopped)1 tomato (chopped)2 tbsp coconut pasteTamarind (lemon size)2 cloves of garlic1/2 tsp cumin powderCurry leavesSalt to tasteMethodIn a bowl of water soak tamarind & keep aside.Marinate fish with chili -tumeric & salt & keep aside.Heat oil & fry chopped onions till translucent.Then add the green chillies,ginger & fry... [Lire la suite]
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