L'Etang du Corra
L'étang du Corra, is a tranquil picnic area appreciated by young & old.
The lake & the central island is a paradise for aquatic birds.


Eurasian Coot/ La Foulque macroule - Fulica atra
( Noire avec une crête blanche)


Common Moorheu/ Poule-d'eau - Gallinula chloropus
(Noire avec une crête rouge)
They are commomly called "Black water hens". 


Loons /
Bernache du Canada - Branta canadensis
Loons build their nests with aquatic vegetation near water.
They have webbed toes which enables them to swim.


Grebe / Grèbe huppé - Podiceps cristatus
Grebes build floating nests with aquatic vegetation.
They usually carry their chicks behind them & dive.
They are excellent swimmers & divers.
Important characterestic of these birds is that they have webbed toes.


Mallard / Canards - Anas platyrhynchos
Malards are commonly called ducks.
Drakes are green headed & females are light brown.
They have webbed feet.


Swan / Cygne
Swans are largest water fowl with pure white/ black feathers.
Male & female adults look alike . They have webbed feet .
Baby swans/ cynets are protected by Cob & Pen.