10 août 2009

Dwellers of Etang du Corra , Achères, Yvelines.

L'Etang du CorraL'étang du Corra, is a tranquil picnic area appreciated by young & old. The lake & the central island is a paradise for aquatic birds. Eurasian Coot/ La Foulque macroule - Fulica atra( Noire avec une crête blanche) Common Moorheu/ Poule-d'eau - Gallinula chloropus (Noire avec une crête rouge)They are commomly called "Black water hens".  Loons / Bernache du Canada - Branta canadensis Loons build their nests with aquatic vegetation near water. They have webbed toes which enables them to... [Lire la suite]
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