Potager du Roi


QuintinieIn 1670, King Louis XIV appointed Jean-Baptiste La Quintinie (1624-1688) as the director of the royal fruit & vegetable garden. As per his request he constructed  a vegetable garden in a swampland popularly known as "l'Etang puant / Stinky Pond. The site was drained & filled with the rich soil from the Satory hills . The renowed architect, Mansart constructed the garden's terraces & walls. The garden is structured around a cental area called "Le Grand carré / Grand Square. The Grand square is again divided into 16 small squares organised around a circular fountain.  Behind the walls there are 12  fruit tree gardens ( Apple & Pears).

The King's Kitchen Garden covers 9 hectares of fruit & vegetable gardens at the heart of Versailles. Every year, this garden produces 40 tons of fruit & 25 tons of vegetables. At present this garden is conserverved by National School of Horticulture- ENSP. This garden is in the UNESCO's World Heritage List.

The Potager du Roi and the Cathedral Saint-Louis