Malabar Plum


Jambul is an evergreen tree in India which gives oval shaped purple fruits. It's called Jambul in English, Jambu in Sanskrit ,Jamun in Hindi, Njerakka in Malayalam & Njaval in Tamil. Fruits are commonly called java plum, malabar plum, or Indian blackberry.
Hindus consider it as a sacred tree & is planted near temples. In Hindu Mythology it's said said that Megha - God of clouds incarnated on earth as Jamun tree. The leaves of this tree are hung over the front door to ensure prosperity. Every part of this tree is used in Ayurvedic Medicine.

There are so many tales based on this Tree.

The Monkey and the Crocodile
(Panchatantra collection)
On a river bank stood a huge Jamun tree full of purple fruits. Raktamukha , a monkey lived on it and spend his time eating fruits. He struck up friendship with Karalamukha, a crocodile who came to bask in the sun under his home tree. The monkey offered him fruits and one day he took some for his wife. She enjoyed the delicious jamun fruits and realized how tasty the monkey's heart would be.
She urged her husband to bring him for her dinner, but Karalamukha was unwilling to betray his friend.
Later under pressure he went
to invite his friend.
Hearing this monkey was extremely happy, jumped down the tree, sat
on the crocodile’s back and they set off.
In the middle of the river the crocodile revealed his real intention and the monkey started shivering. When the crocodile started diving an idea transperced his mind and said :Oh my god ! I forgot to take my heart with me.
Take me back so that I can fetch it.
Hearing this , the foolish crocodile swam back to the river bank. As soon as the crocodile touched the mainland, the monkey jumped out and reached the highest branches of the Jamun tree.
After a while, the crocodile asked why it is so long to come down with his heart.   
The monkey laughed and dismissed his unfaithful friend.
Avvaiyar, the famous poetess of Tamil Nadu was a great devotee of Lord Muruga. She used to visit all the Murugan temples chanting & praising him. One summer she felt dizzy & sat under Njaval tree. She found a boy sitting on a branch & eating jambu fruits. She asked him to give some to quench her thirst. The boy asked whether she wanted hot or cold fruits. Avvaiyar was shocked to hear such a strange question & asked for cold ones.
Boy started shaking the branches and ripe purple fruits fell down. Avaiyar collected some, blows the sand & started eating. The boy laughed at  her & asked whether they were hot. When she looked up she saw a divine child - Balamuruga. She asked him for his blessings. Lord Muruga blessed her.
It's said that the above event took place at Palamudircholai  Subramanya Temple near Madurai. It's located in Tamil Nadu. This sacred Jamul tree is still worshipped by the pilgrims.

Today is Grandma's Day .
Remembering my adorable Granny who narrated these stories to me.

Bonne fête à toutes les Grands Mères !