2 plantains (half ripe)
2 eggs beaten
2 cups freshly grated coconut / dessicated
2 tbsp sugar
1 tsp sugar
5 cardomom pods
A pinch of salt
2 tbsp water
Raisins & Cashews
2 tbsp ghee
Oil for frying
Blend cardomom grains with sugar & keep aside.
Steam cook plantains & mash it .
Heat ghee in a pan.
Fry raisins & chopped cashews.
Then add grated coconut & fry for a while.
Add sugar & then beaten egg.
When scrambled , add cardomom powder & keep aside.
Grease both your hands with oil.
Take a lemon sized dough ball on ur left palm.
Dip ur right hand in oil & flatten plantain dough into disc.
Keep the stuffing in middle,
seal & roll in the shape of cotton pods.
Repeat the process with other mashed plantain balls.
Deep fry them in a pan.
Remove using a slotted spoon & drain on a kitchen paper.
Serve these yummy cotton pods with tea.

Unnakkayi is a festive sweet prepared by Malabar Muslims . 
These yummy treat looks like cotton pods - In malayalam "Unnakkayi " means cotton pods.