Crow Pheasant


 The Greater Coucal / Crow Pheasant (Centropus sinensis) are commonly found in Indian subcontinent. The characterestics of this bird is that they have black head & tail, coppery brown wings & red eyes. Hindus consider this as a "Bird of Good Luck " because in their epic Mahabharatha it's stated that Kuchelan saw this bird on his way to Dwaraka.
Tale of Sudhama & Lord Krishna

Lord Krishna & Sudhama (Kuchelan) were best friends at Gurukulam. Later Lord Krishna became the King of  Dwaraka. As to Kuchelan, he got married, had several children and spend his days praying & worshipping Lord Krishna. He became extremely poor and his wife urged him to meet his rich friend. Half heartedly he agreed and wondered what gift he will take with him. His wife borrowed some beaten rice flakes (avil) from a neighbour. On his way to Dwaraka, it ‘s said that he encountered a Crow Pheasant.  Lord Krishna & his wife Rukmini performed Adithi Pooja to greet Kuchelan. Both of them exchanged their childhood memories. Feeling hungry Lord Krishna grabbed the bundle & ate a handful of rice flakes. By doing this Kuchelan not only got his blessings but also his family became rich. Rukmini stopped her husband from taking second time because she was aware of the reverse effect – (Lord will become poor &  she would become the servant at Kuchelan’s mansion).
 Kuchelan was so happy to meet his old friend that he forgot the purpose of his visit. On his arrival, he was surprised to see that he became wealthy.

Today is Grandma's Day .
Remembering my loving Granny who narrated this story.
Bonne fête à toutes les Grands Mères !