Tranquebar / Tharangambadi

Tranquebar / Tharangambadi is a tranquil fishing village on the Coromondal coast.(135km from Pondicherry/ 275 km from Chennai). It's in the  Nagapattinam district in Tamilnadu. Tharangambadi - literally means "Land of singing waves". Centuaries ago this historical beach town was the capital of Danish Colonies in India. Others were Frederiksnagore (Serampore in W. Bengal) & Fredericks ( Nicobar Islands). In 1620 Danish fleet landed here & their Captain Roland Crappe decided to make it a trading post.  The Admiral of the Danish Navy Ove Gjedde negotiated a treaty on the behalf of Danish King Christian IV with the Tanjore King Vijaya Ragunath Nayak. Thus the Danes acquired this fishing village for a rent of Rs 3.111 per annum & renamed it as Tranquebar. Danish East India company traded spices, silks & ivory from here. The Danes were fed up with the aggressive behaviour of the British merchants. On 11 Oct 1845, the Danish Governor Pater Hanson  sold out their colonies to the Bristish for Rs 1.2 million. Thus after 225 years of reign, Danes left the India.