30 juin 2011

Masilamaninathar Temple on the Tranquebar Coast

Masilamaninathar Temple   Masilamaninathar Temple was built in 1305 A.D by the Pandya King Maravarman Kulasekara. This 13th centuary temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva & is built in Indo-Chinese architecture to attract Chinese merchants. Last tsunami engulfed the main gopuram & the carved granite pillars. Now the  Shiva-lingam is housed in the Dansborg Museum & the villagers used to conduct pooja only on the Sivaratri Day . The Tamilanadu Government is restoring this area. Granite stones are... [Lire la suite]
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28 juin 2011

Chocolate Cake with Fresh Cherries

Chocolate Cake with Fresh Cherries Ingredients150g flour150g sugar150g butter3 eggs180g black chocolate 2 tbsp water1/2 tsp cinnamon powder200 g Cherries1 tsp baking powderMethod Remove the stalks & stones of the cherries.Quarter them & keep aside.Break the chocolate bar & add 2 tbsp water.Melt in microwave oven 2 mn.Add butter & mix well.In another bowl beat eggs & sugar.Sieve the flour& fold into the cake mixture.Add chocolate butter mixture & mix well.Add chopped cherries & just mix them. Pour... [Lire la suite]
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24 juin 2011

Angel : Bollywood

Movie : Angel (2011) Actors : Nilesh Sahay & Madalta Sharma Song : Phir Teri Woh Subha Ban Jao by Sonu Nigam
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23 juin 2011

Tranquebar Land Gate

Tranquebar Land Gate Tranquebar entrance is marked with a Danish Style Land Gate built in 1792. This 200yr old gate leads to majestic King's Street lined with colonial houses, two protestant churches, Bartholomäus Ziegenbalg Monument, Governor's Bungalow, Dansborg Fort & ruined Masilamaninathar Shore Temple. Tranquebar  has a  beautiful coast line with an old ruined brick pier.  Last Tsunami has heavily damaged this area.   
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21 juin 2011

Tranquebar / Tharangambadi : Danish colony's capital in India

Tranquebar / TharangambadiTranquebar / Tharangambadi is a tranquil fishing village on the Coromondal coast.(135km from Pondicherry/ 275 km from Chennai). It's in the  Nagapattinam district in Tamilnadu. Tharangambadi - literally means "Land of singing waves". Centuaries ago this historical beach town was the capital of Danish Colonies in India. Others were Frederiksnagore (Serampore in W. Bengal) & Fredericks ( Nicobar Islands). In 1620 Danish fleet landed here & their Captain Roland Crappe decided to... [Lire la suite]
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19 juin 2011

Strawberry Mascarpone Trifle for the Dad's Day

Strawberry Mascarpone Trifle Ingredients250 g strawberries200g mascarpone4 tbsp sugar8 butter cookies (palets bretons)Juice of one lemonCusturd (optional)Method Wash, drain & hull strawberries.Reserve a few berries for decoration & chop others.Crumble the butter cookies & keep aside.Whisk mascarpone with an electric beater . Mix sugar with lemon juice & blend thoroughly with mascarpone. Spoon biscuit powder at the bottom of the serving cups.Arrange the strawberries & then drizzle mascarpone over it.Repeat... [Lire la suite]
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14 juin 2011


Rava RottiIngredients1 tsp fennel seedsA green chilliA piece of ginger3 tbsp dessicated coconut / 3 tbsp freshly grated coconut2 shallotsCurry leaves2 cups semolina1/2 tsp turmeric powderSalt to tasteLuke warm waterMethodCoarsely grind the first 6 ingredients & keep aside. Add salt & blended mixture to semolina.Mix with sufficient amount of water to get a stiff dough.Keep aside for an hour.Heat a greased non stick pan / tava.Take a lemon sized dough ball on ur left palm.Dip ur right hand in water &... [Lire la suite]
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10 juin 2011

Upside down Sticky Banana Cake

Sticky Banana Cake Ingredients 180g flour180g sugar90 g butter2 eggs2 tbsp curd1 ripe banana(mashed)1 tsp vanilla1/2 tsp cinnamon powder1/4 tsp nutmeg powder1 tsp baking powderA pinch of saltFor Caramel 60 g butter1 cup sugar5 just ripe bananas (cut in coins) MethodPreheat oven at 180°CPeel & slice bananas in thick coins.Make caramal using sugar & butter.Butter the cake tin & spread the caramel.Arrange the sliced banaas over the caramel.***Cream together the butter, sugar & salt .Add beaten eggs.Sieve... [Lire la suite]
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