2 cups rice powder
1 cup luke warm water
50g ghee / butter
A pinch of salt
1 cup freshly grated coconut / dessicated coconut
1 cup jagerry powder (8 cubes)
2 tbsp bengal gram (split channa dal)
Raisins (optional)
Cardomom powder of 3 pods
A pinch of salt
Soak  dal overnight &  cook it.
Gently heat jaggery & water to make a syrup.
Remove from fire & strain it.

Mix all the ingredients to get  a stiff dough.
Add raisins, cooked dal & cardomom powder.
 Cover the bowl with a damp cloth &  keep aside for an hour.
Grease the modak mould.
Take a dough ball, put it it mould & press.
Repeat the process with other dough balls.
Steam cook kudumulu's  for 15-20 mn.