Mango Sandesh



200 g Ricotta cheese
4 tbsp milk powder
1/4 cup water
A pinch of saffron
6 tbsp sugar
A ripe mango (cut in cubes)
1/2  tsp cardomom powder (elaichi)
1 tbsp gee
Mix milk powder & saffron in water.  
Wash, peel, cut mago in cubes.
Blend it to fine paste along with sugar.
Take ricotta cheese in a heavy bottomed vessel.
Add  mango puree , prepared milk & mix with a wooden spatule.
Then warm the thick bottomed vessel .
Stir continuously over medium heat with a wooden spatule.
When it leaves the sides of the pan, add ghee &cardomom powder.
Mix well & then remove from fire.
Pat it onto a greased dish & cut into desired shapes.
Top with chopped pistachios & serve.

H A P P Y     N A V A R A T R I