Minnewater Park & Minnewater Lake


Bruges is a beautiful medieval city  surrounded by several canals flowing into the River Reie. It’s nicknamed as  Venice of the North”. One of the tranquil spot to stroll is the Minnewater Park & the Lake of Love. A tragic love story is linked with this place.

mina__5_Long time ago a fisherman and his beautiful daughter Minna lived in the vicinity. She fell in love with a warrior Stromberg, who was from a different  tribe. They secretly met in the river banks covered with reeds. Her father disapproved & forced her to marry a fisherman Hornbeck. Hearing this she fled in the woods.  Returning after a lost battle, Stromberg came to know about Minna’s exile. He set out in search of his beloved & found her exhausted in their secret place. She died in his arms. The next day , he built a dam , buried  & covered her with a blanket of water lilies. Then he let the water flow again.


It’s said that the forest is the present Minnewater Park & the stream became the Minnewater Lake. The bridge over the Lake is the place where Minna was buried.
According to the local legend, you will experience an eternal love if you walk over the bridge with your loved one.