07 juin 2017

Honey Date Briouats - A Moroccan Sweet .

Honey Date Briouats

10 Tunisien brick pastry (feuilles de brick)
250 g date paste 
200g walnuts(chopped) 
100g sugar
1 tbsp orange flower water
1/2 tsp cinnamon powder
200g honey
3 tbsp orange water
Mix the filling ingredients & keep aside for an hour.
Take a brick pastry & cut into 2 semicircles.
Brush the surface with melted butter.
Take one half & fold horizontally.
Place the filling in a corner & fold it in a triangle shape.
Continue folding until the end of the pastry strip & press with moistened fingers / egg white.
Repeat the process with the remaining pastry sheets.
Preheat oven to 180°C & bake 15-20mn until golden brown.
Boil honey with orange water & make a syrup.
Dip the golden briouats in this hot syrup for a few seconds.
Remove using a slotted spoon & set aside to cool.
Serve  with cafe1.
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