Ile de Bréhat


Ile de Bréhat is one of the most beautiful islands in the Brittany coast (Côtes d'Armor). It's situated a few kilometers off the Point de l'Arcouest. The Bréhat archipelago consists of 86 islets & reefs. The two small islands in this archipelago are connected by a bridge to form Ile de Bréhat. The bridge was built by a French military engineer Vauban. 
Hop on to the ferries (Les Vedettes de Bréhat)  from the Port of Ploubazlanec to explore the island of Bréhat.
Ferry trip around the island takes 45 mn & while just crossing takes only 10mn.  Ferry drops you @ Port Clos, the southern tip of the island. Since the motor vehicules are banned, the only way to explore it is either by foot or bike. For families and elderly  tourists there is a tractor drawn small train. It takes 3 hours to walk around the island. Before exploration try to get a map from the tourist office & note the time of the last ferry.
The Northern part of the island is carpeted with heather & gorse, while the southern part with exotic plants. No wonder why it is popularly called the Island of flowers: Hortensia, Agapantes (Agapanthus umbellatus), Giant Viper's bugloss( Echium pininana), Rose geraniums (Pelargonium graveolens), Palm trees, Mimosa & other flowers bloom in abundance. Thanks to the pleasant microclimate due to the Gulf Stream (warm ocean current flowing to the English Channel). Important sites are the Paon lighthouse & the pink rocks, Birlot Mill, Saint Michel Chapel, Guerzido beach and many others.