21 mai 2012

The Guimet Museum , Paris

                 Musée Guimet Every year, the third week-end of May is devoted to the European Night of Museums.On this occassion most of the museums are opened to public till midnight.The Guimet Museum was founded in 1885 by Emile Etienne.This Asian Art Museum is located in the 16th arrondissement of Paris. Today this museum houses the vast collection of Asian Art including - Indian , Cambodian, Vietnamian, Korean, Chinese & Japanese. There are... [Lire la suite]
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26 mars 2012

Eiffel Tower with Star Magnolia foreground

Eiffel Tower with Star Magnolia foreground
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06 janvier 2012

Paris By Night

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26 octobre 2011

Diwali Sweets in Paris

Pour tous les délices de l'Inde Ganesha Sweets, 191 Fbg St Denis, 75010 Paris . (Metro La Chapelle / Gare Du Nord)Ganesha Sweets, 16 Rue Perdonnet, 75010 Paris . (Metro La Chapelle / Gare Du Nord)Canabady Sweets & Snacks, 21 Rue Perdonnet, 75010 Paris .
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24 juin 2010

Nation wide strike in France against pension reforms

Today thousands marched on the streets to protest aginst pension reforms.There's a descripency between the Police count & the trade unions. The count in major cities are given below - Paris Union : 130,000   Police : 47,000Marseille Union : 300,000   Police: 20,000LyonUnion : 25,000   Police: 11,000Judge by yourselfWho's telling the Truth ?                   & Who's poor in Maths ?
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25 mai 2010

Champs-Élysées turned Green on the World Biodiversity Day

Champs-Élysées Famous Parisian avenue Champs-Élysées  has been transformed into lush farm by young farmers & forest officials.Tree-lined boulevard was decorated with trees, farm products & livestock. They installed mini fields of  rice, wheat, barley, sunflower, banana, colza, hop , vegetables & lavender. Livestock includes cows, goats, lambs & Limousin pigs. Millions of people came to admire this long green strip called  Élysian fields. 
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23 mai 2010

Roland Garros begins today

The French Open The French Open, officially known as Roland Garros begins today.The French National Tournament which began in 1891was dedicated only for men. Women were admitted in 1897. The French Open or Tournoi de Roland-Garros is played at  Roland Garros Stadium. It's located in the 16th arrondisemment of Paris, close to Bois de Boulogne. The Roland Garros Stadium consists of 20 courts including two show courts Court Philippe Chatrier, Court Suzanne Lenglen & a museum for tennis. The central court Philippe Chatrier... [Lire la suite]
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16 février 2010

Orchids of the Luxembourg Garden, Paris.

  Orchids of the Luxembourg Garden The French Senate hosts an Orchid Exibition to mark the 150th anniversary of their collection. Thousands of Parisians lined up in snow to travel through the rain forests of Asia, Africa & America. An unforgettable journey in the realm of incredible colours, unbelievable shapes and sizes.This adventure started in 1836, when a Brazilian Doctor donated some Orchids to the Paris Medical College at Chartreux. Later in 1859, orchids were trasferred to Luxembourg Garden. Ever since, the botanists... [Lire la suite]
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17 décembre 2009

Snowing in Paris

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01 décembre 2008

Parc Zoologique De Paris -Zoo de Vincennes

Parc Zoologique De Paris Parc Zoologique De Paris / Zoo de Vincennes was founded in 1934. Situated in XII eme arrondissement of  Paris, this zoological park occupies over 15 hectares. This zoo houses more than 500 animals, including some endangered species. Now closed for renovation. It will reopen only in 2013.
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