01 avril 2019

Route du Mimosa

Route du Mimosa The "Route du Mimosa" is a scenic drive through 8 villages to admire the sweet scented mimosa. (Bormes les mimosas, Le Rayol Canadel sur Mer, Sainte Maxime, Saint Raphaël, Mandelieu la Napoule,Tanneron, Pégomas, Grasse)  This magnificent yellow flower blooms across the French Riviera from January to early March .  In 1850 British Botanist James Cook brought some seeds of wattle tree from Australia & planted in Kew Botanical Gardens. Later in1880, it was introduced in Croix des Gardes at Cannes &... [Lire la suite]
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04 mars 2014

Carnaval De Nice 2014

    Today it's Mardi Gras / Fat Tuesday / Shrove Tuesday. It's also called Pancake Tuesday. For Catholics, it's just a merry making before Lent. From Ash Wednesday onwards they fast for 40 days ie before Easter. There are carvinal celebrations all over Europe, New Orleans & Rio. Carnaval de Nice is an important event in the French Riviera. This year "Nice" is celebrating it's 130 th carnival . The carnival processions will go along the Promenade des Anglais.
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18 mai 2007

Cannes Film Festival

Festival de Cannes City of Cannes is situated in French Riviera.This town is famous for it's International Film Festival - "Festival de Cannes", which takes place annually at "Palais des festivals".This year it''s hosting the 60th annual film festival. (16 Mai au 27 Mai 2007). The Golden Palm Award (Palm d'Or) is given for the best film. Palm beach of Cannes, stretches from the "Palais des festivals" to the City centre.Cannes harbour is impressive with world's exclusive yachts.  
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20 novembre 2006

Grasse - La capitale mondiale des parfums.

Grasse - World's Perfume Capital Grasse is a small medieval town, situated in the inlands of French Riviera. Climate of grasse is suitable for flower industry. Every year several tonnes of flowers are produced in this region. Grasse's perfume industry began in 16th century. The three famous companies are Gallimard, Fragonard & Molinard.The oldest Gallimard was founded in 1747. These companies are brewing scents for Chanel, Givenchy, Dior etc..Specialists who test the fragrances are called "noses".  Two specialised schools... [Lire la suite]
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10 octobre 2006

Palais Carnolès - Menton

Palais Carnolès - Menton Menton is a pleasant town situated in the French- Italian border.This town is famous for it's "Citrus Festival" which is hosted every year in February. There is a collection of citrus trees in the orchard of Palais Carnolès. Jardin du Palais Carnolès présentent une collection originale de kumquats, pamplemoussiers, cédratiers, mandariniers, clémentiniers et bigaradiers.
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01 septembre 2006

Nice - "Promenade des Anglais"

Nice - Capital of French Riviera "Promenade des Anglais" of Nice is really impressive with it's turqoise coloured water. This glitzy summer resort is situated in the south-eastern part of France called Côte d'Azur.