07 février 2011

Archeological Museum,Mattancherry Palace,Kochi, Kerala

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18 janvier 2011

Kumarakom, Kerala

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12 octobre 2010

Chottanikkara Temple, Thripoonithura,Cochin

Chottanikkara Rajarajeshwari Temple The Chottanikkara Rajarajeshwari Temple is located 15km northwest of Cochin. The whole temple complex consists of  Melekkavu & Keezhekaavu. The Melekkavu diety Rajarajeshwari is worshipped along with Lord Vishnu. The laterite idol of the Bhagavathi & the granite idol of Mahavishnu are on the same pedestal. They are not fixed to the ground but  rests on sand bed. Everyday the temple opens at 4 am & it's believed that  Mookambika Devi attends this pooja & then goes to... [Lire la suite]
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17 septembre 2010

Koder House, Fort Kochi.

Koder House This magnificent Red Mansion was built in 1808 by a prominent Jewish business man Samuel S. Koder. He was a honorary consul to the Dutch. The Koders emigrated to Kochi from Iraq.(Baghdadi Jews). The Koder Family played an important role in the development of Cochin. It was he who established the first electrical company called  Cochin Electric Company. They had a chain of department stores all over Kerala & they introduced ferry transport in Cochin. The "Koder House" was constructed in an Indo-European style... [Lire la suite]
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23 juillet 2010

Jewish Synagogue, Cochin.

Paradesi Synagogue Paradesi Synagogue built in 1568 AD is the oldest Synagogue in India. This is situated next to  the Mattancherry  Palace Temple. It was destroyed by the Portuguese in 1622 AD and was reconstructed by the Dutch. "Paradesi Synagogue" means a "Synagogue built by foreigners". ( Paradesi is the  malayalm word for a foreigner). The great scrolls of Old Testament is found here. The prayer hall is magnificent with Chinese Porceline Tiles & Begium Crystal Chandeliers. A Jewish business man Ezekial... [Lire la suite]
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08 juillet 2010

Willingdon Island, Cochin, Kerala

Willingdon Island The Bristish  decided to construct an approach channel from deep sea to the inner harbour. The former Governor of Madras Lord Willingdon took initiative to this project under the supervision of Chief Engineer Sir Robert Bristow. An artificial island was created  using the dredgings & was named as Wellingdon Island. This man made Island is sandwiched between Ernakulam & Mattancherry. Now this strategic island is the headquarters of South Indian Naval Command & Cochin Port Trust. It sites some... [Lire la suite]
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20 juin 2010

Cochin - The Queen of the Arabian Sea

Cochin Centuaries ago "Muchiripattinam"- the capital of Chera Dynasty, was a prosperous seaport at the mouth of the Periyar River.  Trade & commerce flourished during their reign. [ In Kerala, the winds of the south-west monsoon blows in from the direction of Africa & the winds of the north-east monsoon sweeps away from the coast ] .The Arab traders took advantage of this natural phenomenon & set sail (Dhows) towards India from June- Aug & returned with spices in Oct -Dec. The word `monsoon' derived from the... [Lire la suite]
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16 juin 2010

Silk Cotton Tree - Ceiba pentandra

The Kapok Tree The Kapok tree is common in India. It produces several seed pods & each pod contains black seeds surrounded by fluffy cotton. Must be harvested before it opens, otherwise it will be nuisance for neighbours. In Kerala , this cotton is used to stuff mattresses & pillows.Unnakayi - the sweet of Malabar is made in the shape of these pods.
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30 mai 2010

Barbet's of Malabar

White-cheeked Barbet feeding her fledgling. These birds are common in the Malabar region & are frugivorous. Spotted on a water-apple tree (jambakka) in my Mom's garden Bonne Fête à toutes les Mamans Happy Mother's Day
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14 mai 2010

Caladiums of Kerala

With the onset of monsoon, landscapes of Kerala are decorated with ornamental Caladiums. Caladium bicolor are tuberous perenniel with beautiful multicolored  foliage. Some species are highly toxic.
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