10 août 2018

Spinach Pancakes

Spinach Pancakes IngredientsHandfull of  spinach Salt + water***200g g flour (Type 45)2 eggs (beaten)1 tsp cumin seeds2 tbsp olive oil225 ml water2 shallots finely choppedA piece of ginger (chopped)2 green chillies (cut in coins)Chopped Coriander leaves1 tsp chat masalaSalt to taste Water MethodWash & cook spinach leaves in water & salt.Cool & blend to a fine paste.Keep aside.***Beat eggs with shallots,chilli, ginger  & salt.Then mix it with the rest of the ingredients to get a semi thick... [Lire la suite]
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10 août 2018

Tera Fitoor Frm Genius

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08 août 2018

Poruvalankai - Tamilnadu Special

Poruvalankai Ingredients2 cups roasted rice powder (riz étuvé)1/2 cup roasted green gram powder1 cup grated coconut / dessicated coconut8 cubes of jagerryA pinch of salt1/2 tsp cardomom powder3 tbsp gheeMethodDry roast rice, till the grains are brown & crunchy.Keep aside to cool & then blend into fine powder.Dry roast splitted moong dal & then blend to a fine powder. Keep some rice & gram powders aside. Gently heat jaggery & water to make a thick syrup.Strain it & keep aside.Heat the strained... [Lire la suite]
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06 août 2018

Afghani Chicken

Afghani Chicken Ingredients2 green chilliesA red onion(chopped)8 garlic clovesA piece of ginger1 fist of coriander leaves***Chicken 1 kg (skinned & chopped) 1/2 tsp turmeric powder1 tbsp lemon juice1 tsp black pepper powder1 tsp dried mint powder1/2 tsp cumin powder2 tsp coriander powder 1 tsp salt***2 tbsp thick creamCoriander leaves Garam MasalaFreshly ground black pepperMethod Marinate the  chicken pieces with curd, salt, peper, cumin corainder & mint powders.Cover & refrigerate for an... [Lire la suite]
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03 août 2018

Spinach Cheela

Spinach Cheela   Ingredients1 cup chopped spinach leaves125g curd***1 cup rice flour1 cup semolina2 tbsp  gram flour100g flour3 shallots(chopped)A green chilli (chopped)A piece of ginger (chopped)Few curry leaves (chopped)Salt to tasteHalf cup water Few coriander leaves (chopped) Oil for frying Method Blend spinach leaves with curd & keep aside.Mix all the flours in a bowl & add blended spinach.Then add chopped vegetables.Add some water to get  a semi -thick dough.Cover &... [Lire la suite]
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03 août 2018

Dil Meri Na Sune Frm Genius

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03 août 2018


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31 juillet 2018

Spanakorizo - Greek Spinach Rice

Spanakorizo  Ingredients 2 tbsp olive oil 1 tsp cumin seeds1/2 tsp turmeric powder (optional)2 green chillies (half slit)3  garlic cloves (chopped)3  onions (chopped)A bunch of spinach (chopped)*Rice*4 cups Basmati rice6 cups water 1 vegetable stock cube 1 Cinnamon stick 3 cardomom pods 1 star anise 3 cloves 2 tbsp olive oil ***Dill (chopped)Frshly ground black pepperZest of a lemonMethodHeat the oil/ ghee in a frying pan. Add the finely sliced onions.  When it turns golden brown add ginger... [Lire la suite]
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23 juillet 2018

Dim Paratha

Dim Paratha   IngredientsAn onion(chopped)2 green chillies(chopped)A piece of ginger (chopped)A bunch of coriander leaves (chopped)250g whole wheat flour 250g flour2 tbsp olive oil2 eggsWater Salt to tasteOil /ghee for frying  Method Mix both the flour in a bowl & add olive oil Beat eggs with first three ingredients & add to the flour; Add water little by little to get a stiff dough.Knead well & then add chopped coriander leaves. Cover the bowl with a damp cloth & keep aside for an... [Lire la suite]
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20 juillet 2018

Chicken Bezule - Mangalore Special

Chicken Bezule Ingredients2 springs of curry leavesFew coriander leavesA piece of ginger2 cloves of garlicA green chilli***250g chicken breast fillets (cut in cubes)1 tbsp rice flour 1 tbsp flour1 tsp red chilli powder 1/2 tsp turmeric powder 1 tsp vinegar / lemon juice (optional)Salt to tasteFood colour (optional)Oil for frying MethodCoarsely blend  first five ingredients & keep aside.Chop chicken fillets into small cubes.Marinate the chicken cubes with the blended mix.Then add red chilli powder, lemon juice... [Lire la suite]
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