30 novembre 2009

Pork Vindaloo - A Goan Dish

    Pork Vindaloo      Ingredients1 tsp cumin seeds3 cloves1/2 tsp black pepper corns***4 garlic clovesA piece of ginger1 tbsp vineger***1/2 kg pork (cut in cubes) 1 tsp kashmir chilli powder1/2 tsp turmeric powder1 tsp salt***2 onions (chopped)2 potatoes (cubed)1 tbsp tomato sauce1 bay leafA piece of cinnamonOil for frying Coriander leaves / Curry leaves Method Dry roast first three ingredients & grind to a fine powder.Mix the cubed pork with tumeric, chilli & salt.Cover & refrigerate for... [Lire la suite]
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11 novembre 2009

Doi Maach /Bengali Fish Curry

Bengali Fish Curry Ingredients 500 g salmon or any other fish1/2 tsp chilli powder1/4 tsp turmeric powder***A bay leaf3 Shallots (chopped)2 cloves of garlicA small piece of gingerCoriander leaves1/2 cup curd (whipped)Salt to tasteBengali Masala2 tsp coriander seeds1/2 tsp cumin seeds2 cloves2 green cardomoms1/2 cinnamon stick1/2 tsp chilli powder1/4 tsp turmeric powder Method Dry roast all the masala ingredients & then grind to fine powder.  Marinate fish with chili -tumeric & salt & keep aside for one... [Lire la suite]
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06 novembre 2009

Colombo Chicken Curry / Colombo de Poulet

Colombo Chicken CurryIngredients1 kg chicken1 tsp salt1 tbsp lemon juice2 onions finely sliced1scotch bonnet pepper (asura parangi)1 tsp ginger + garlic paste3 potatoes (cubed)1 courgette (cubed) 2 bay leaves 2 dried springs of thymeColombo Masala2 cloves1 tsp malabar black peppercorns1 tsp musturd seeds 1 tsp cumin seeds1/2 tsp fenugreek seeds1/2 tsp turmeric powder2 tbsp coriander seeds  Method Dry roast all the masala ingredients & then grind to fine powder.  Dunk chicken pieces in flour & fry till light golden... [Lire la suite]
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11 septembre 2009

Mughlai Chicken

Mughlai Chicken       Ingredients1 kg chicken2 tbsp curd1 tsp salt2 onions finely sliced1 tsp ginger + garlic paste3 potatoes (cubed)2 bay leavesCoriander leaves Garam MasalaMasala Paste1 tsp turmeric power1 tbsp almond powder(10 almonds)1 tsp red chilli powder1 tsp fennel seeds1 tbsp coriander powder1/2 tsp pepper powder1 cinnamon stick2 cloves2 cardomom pods  Method   Roast all the masala ingredients in a tablespoon of ghee & then grind to fine paste.  Marinate the  chicken pieces with... [Lire la suite]
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29 mai 2009

Malaysian Prawn Sambal

Malaysian  Prawn Sambal Ingredients1/2 tsp red chilli powder1/4 tsp turmeric powder10 shallots 3 garlic clovesA piece of ginger1/2 tsp dried shrimp paste (optional)***500g  tiger prawns ( fresh/frozen)Tamarind (lemon size)2 onions (thinly sliced)2 tomatoes (thinly sliced)Curry leaves / Coriander leavesOil for frying Method Blend first five ingredients into a fine paste .Add 1 tsp oil , mix well &  keep aside.In a bowl of water soak tamarind & keep aside.Shell, devein and wash prawns using salt and... [Lire la suite]
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27 mars 2009

Scallops Coconut Curry

Scallops Coconut Curry Ingredients 500 g frozen scallops1 tsp salt1/2 tsp red chilli powder1/4 tsp turmeric powder***1 cinnamon stick2 cloves2 big onions (sliced)2 big tomatoes (sliced)2 chillies (half slit)2 cloves of garlic(chopped)2 tsp chopped ginger1 cup coconut milk Curry leaves / Coriander leavesSalt to tasteOil for frying   Method Thaw  frozen scallops by running coldwater over them. Then blot dry with kitchen paper.Marinate them with tumeric,chilli & salt & keep aside.Heat oil in a pan & fry... [Lire la suite]
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26 février 2008

Hungarian Goulash

Hungarian Goulash Ingredients1 kg diced beef500 g sliced onions 3 garlic cloves4 carrots, cut in coins4 potatoes, peeled & cubed2 tbsp tomato pureeSalt to taste Oil for frying1 tsp paprika ( kashmir chilli powder)1 tsp caraway seeds ( perumjeerakam)2 bayleaves / coriander leavesMethodWarm the oil in a casserole. Add bay leaves & then sliced onions.When it turns golden brown, add diced beef.Then add garlic, paprika, tomato puree & carrots.Stir for a while & add water .Simmer & cook for 1h, stirring from time to... [Lire la suite]
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27 novembre 2006

Poulet Basquaise

Basque Chicken Ingredients1 kg Chicken1 tbsp flour3 bell peppers (yellow,red,green)3 garlic cloves (crushed)3 onions coarsely chopped5 tomatoes coarsely chopped1 bouquet garni ( 2 strings of parsely, bay leaves, thym tied together)1/2 tsp Espelette chili powder ( I took kashmir chili powder)1 tsp saltOlive oil / vegetable oilpepper powderMethodDredge the chicken pieces in flour. Heat oil in a sauce pan & fry chicken pieces ( both sides)When golden brown drain in a kitchen paper & keep aside. Heat oil in a sauce pan. Fry... [Lire la suite]
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17 novembre 2006

Pepper Chicken.

Pepper Chicken Ingredients 1 kg chicken4 onions (chopped) 2 tsp ground pepper1/2 tsp turmeric powder1 tsp ginger paste1 tsp garlic paste1 tsp salt2 tbsp oil 1 cinnamon stickcurry leaves / coriander leaves Method Mix chicken pieces with 1/2 tsp salt,1 tsp pepper powder,turmeric powder & some oil . Keep aside for 1 hour.In a non stick pan,  fry the chicken.(both sides)Warm the oil in a casserole . Add cinnamon. Add chopped onions & fry till light golden brown.Add ginger-garlic paste & rest of the pepper powder.Stir for... [Lire la suite]
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28 septembre 2006

Kefta à la marocaine

Kofta Curry IngredientsA small piece of ginger2 garlic cloves1 green chilli1 tsp saltCoriander leaves1/2 tsp turmeric powder2 steaksAn egg2 tbsp bread crumbs1 glass red lentilsA cinnamon stick2 onions (chopped)1 tsp masala powder2 big tomatoes (chopped)2 tbsp veg oil Salt to taste MethodWash & soak lentils for half an hour.Blend first three ingredients in a mini food processor.Add turmeric powder, salt, egg, 3/4 of lentils & the blended mixture to the minced meat.Mix well with a wooden spatule.The add bread crumbs &... [Lire la suite]
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