23 février 2018

Thenga-pal Sadam / Coconut Milk Rice - Tamilnadu Special

 Coconut Milk Rice Ingredients * For Rice * 4 cups Basmati rice 2 tbsp vegetable oil1 tbsp ghee4 cups water 1/2 tsp salt 1 cinnamon stick 3 cardomom pods 1 star anise 1 bay leaf 3 cloves3 tbsp ghee / oil * Veg Mix *50 g butter / ghee + 1 tbsp oil 3 cloves + 2 cardomoms2 red onions (thinly sliced)2 green chillies ( half slit)4 garlic cloves (paste)A piece of ginger (paste)2 carrots( peeled & cubed)1 cup frozen peas1/2 tsp turmeric powder1 tsp coriander powder 2 cups coconut milkSalt to taste Decoration... [Lire la suite]
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22 décembre 2017

Plov - National Dish of Uzbekistan

Plov Ingredients1 kg mutton1 tsp salt 1 tbsp meat masala***300g cooked channa /canned garbanzo beans3 onions (chopped)4 carrots (peel & grated)2 green chillies (half slit)2 garlic heads2 tsp cumin seeds1 tsp red chilli powder1/2 tsp turmeric powder1 tbsp gheeOil for frying.*Rice*A bay leaf3 cloves 1 cinnamon stick1 star anise3 cardomom podsOil for frying 2 tbsp ghee / oil3 cups  Basmati rice 3 cups broth +  2 cups water. Method Marinate mutton pieces with first two ingredients & keep aside.Heat... [Lire la suite]
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14 novembre 2017

Soya Chicken Rice

Soya Chicken Rice Ingredients6 skinless chicken breasts(cut in cubes) Half of 3 capsicums (red, yellow, green)1 tbsp honey1 tbsp vinegar1 tsp Kashmir chilli powder1 tbsp soya sauce1/2  tsp black pepper powder***4 cups Basmati rice 6 cups water + 1 stock cube2 onions ( cut in cubes)A piece of ginger (chopped)2 garlic cloves (chopped)2 green chillies (half slit)Spring onions (chopped)Coriander leaves Method Marinate chicken & capsicum cubes with first five ingredients.Keep in the refrigerator for an hour.***Boil... [Lire la suite]
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26 septembre 2017

Coconut  Rice/ Thenga Sadam - Tamilnadu Special

Coconut  Rice Ingredients2  cups cooked Basmati rice2 tbsp coconut oil1 tsp mustard seedsA dried red chilli 2 tsp split urad dal2 tsp split channa dal1 tsp cumin seeds1 cup grated coconut2 green chillies (half slit)2 tbsp peanuts / cashewnutsA pinch of hingSalt to tasteFresh curry leavesCoriander leavesMethodHeat the coconut oil & splutter mustard seeds.  Add urad dal  & channa dal & nuts.Fry till light golden brown & then add a pinch of hing.Add chopped green chillies & few curry... [Lire la suite]
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07 août 2017

Rouz Jerbi - Tunisian Spinach Rice

Rouz Jerbi Ingredients3 cups cooked Basmati rice / Jasmin rice* Spinach Mix*2 tbsp olive oil1 tsp caraway seeds2 onions chopped2 carrots chopped3 cloves of garlic1 cup cooked channa dal1 tbsp tomato puree1 tbsp coriander powder1/2 tsp red chilli powder1/2 tsp paprika powderHalf of a stock cube A bunch of spinach leaves(chopped)Freshly ground black pepperChopped coriander leavesChopped mint leavesOil for frying Method.Dilute stock cube in a cup of water. Heat olive oil in a pan & add caraway seeds.Add chopped onions... [Lire la suite]
18 juillet 2017

Navaratan Pulao

Navaratan Pulao Ingredients3 cups of cooked basmati rice2  potatoes (boiled & cubed)1 tbsp ghee + 1 tbsp vegetable oil cinnamon stick + 2 cloves+2 cardomom pods + 1 star aniseA bay leaf6 black pepper corns1/2 tsp cumin seedsAn onion (chopped)2 green chillies (half slit)A piece of ginger (chopped& crushed)2 carrots (julienned)Few of French beans (chopped)1 cup green peasHalf of a soup cube diluted in a cup of water1 tsp red chilli powder 1/2 tsp turmeric powder Salt to taste Coriander leavesGaram masala3... [Lire la suite]
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23 juin 2017

Bombay Biriyani

 Bombay Biriyani  Ingredients * For Rice * 4 cups Basmati rice 2 tbsp vegetable oil1 tbsp ghee 6 cups water 1 tsp salt 1 cinnamon stick 3 cardomom pods 1 star anise 1 bay leaf 3 cloves10 black pepper corns2 mace 3 tbsp ghee / oil * Masala *1 kg chicken (chopped)1 tsp red chilli powder1/2 tsp turmeric powder1 cup curd Salt to taste***1 tsp cumin seeds2 green chillies ( cut in coins)A big tomato (chopped) 4 garlic cloves (paste)A piece of ginger (paste)1 tbsp coriander powder 1/2 tsp cumin... [Lire la suite]
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15 mai 2017

Salsa Chicken Casserole

Salsa Chicken Casserole Ingredients2 chicken breasts(cubed)12 tsp red chilli powder1/4 tsp turmeric powderSalt to taste***A bay leaf3 thyme sprigs2 green onions (chopped)3 cloves of garlic(chopped)1 can red beans( rinsed & drained) / 2 cups cooked red beans 1 can corn kernals(rinsed & drained)A  green chilli(half slit)1 tsp red chilli powder1 tbsp tomato puree1/2 cup water + a chicken stockSalt to tasteOil for frying ***4  cups cooked Basmati rice / Jasmin riceGrated cheeseMethodMainate chicken pieces in... [Lire la suite]
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20 avril 2017

Prawn Majjboos - Arab dish

Prawn Majjboos Ingredients 750 g  fresh prawns 1 tsp chilli powder1/2 tsp paprika powder1/2 tsp black pepper powder2 cloves of garlic( paste)A piece of ginger(paste)1/4 tsp turmeric powderJuice of an organic lemon1 tbsp olive oil Salt to taste***1 cinnamon stick3 cardomom pods1 star anise3 cloves2 bay leaves2 tbsp ghee + 2 tbsp  oil1dried lemon(optional)*Rice*2 red onions (sliced)A big tomato ( chopped)3 cloves of garlic (paste)A piece of ginger(paste) 2 green chillies (half slit)1 tsp coriander powder***1... [Lire la suite]
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03 avril 2017

Kashmir Pulao

Kashmir Pulav Ingredients4 cups Basmati rice  5 cups water + 1 cup mutton stock1 tsp salt***1 tbsp ghee + 1 tbsp  oil A bay leaf1 Cinnamon stick 3 cardomom pods1 star anise 3 cloves1 tsp fennel seeds1/2 tsp cumin seeds10 black pepper corns***A big red onion (sliced)2 green chillies(half slit)2 garlic cloves (chopped) A piece of ginger (chopped)1 tsp red chilli powder (kashmir chilli powder)***Few saffron strands diluted in milkCashews , Raisins & PistachiosGaram masalaChopped Coriander leaves MethodBoil... [Lire la suite]
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