14 février 2017

Mango Kulfi

Mango Kulfi Ingredients 1 cup mango cubes1 cup milk1 cup thick cream1 cup sweetened condensed milk1 tbsp icing sugarFew saffron strands***1/4 tsp cardomom powderPistachios (chopped)MethodDilute saffron strands in milk & keep aside. Peel & cube mango . Blend all the six ingredients in a food processor. Add cardomom powder  &mix well.Transfer to serving bowls & decorate with chopped pistachios.Cover with cling film & freeze for 5 hours.Courtesy @  Hebbar's Kitchen.
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09 mai 2016

Mango Lassi - Refreshing Drink of North India !!

Mango Lassi IngredientsA mango ( peel & cut in chunks)125g yogurt2 cups milk2 tbsp cane sugar***1/4 tsp cardomom powderAlmonds & Pistachios (optional)MethodBlend first four  ingredients in a blender. If thick , add some more milk.  Chill in the refrigerator for atleast 2 hours.Add caromom powder & transfer to serving cups.Decorate with chopped nuts & fruits .
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25 juillet 2014

Piña Colada - An Exotic Cocktail

Piña Colada    Ingredients Half of fresh pineapple200ml Coconut milk3 tbsp sweetened condensed milk 10 ice cubesHalf cup white rum (optional)A pinch of cinnamon powder (optional)Pineapple wedges & leaves (decoration)MethodWash, peel & core pineapple.Cut in chunks, blend in a mixer & filter. Then blend ice cubes & other ingredients along with filtered juice.Pour into the glass & serve immediately with a straw.Decorate with pineapple wedges & leaves.  Piña Colada was invented by ... [Lire la suite]
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04 décembre 2012

Mushroom Soup

Mushroom Soup Ingredients 500g button mushrooms(chopped)2 medium onions (chopped)  A garlic clove (chopped) A green chilli (optional)1 tbsp flour20cl liquid cream  1 tbsp olive oil + 10 g butter  500ml  water + A stock cube   Salt to taste Chopped coriander leaves / Parsely leaves 1 shallot (thinly sliced) Freshly ground pepperOil for fryingMethod Boil water with stock cubes & keep aside. Heat butter + olive oil in a frying pan. Fry shallots + garlic + chilli,... [Lire la suite]
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19 juillet 2011

Sweet Canteloupe Smoothie

Sweet Canteloupe Smoothie IngredientsHalf of a canteloupe5 tbsp honey1 cup liquid creamFew mint leaves (decoration)MethodWash, skin & dice canteloupe.Blend diced canteloupe until smooth. Fold in cream & honey. Blend once again & spoon the mixture into glasses. Chill, decorate with mint leaves & serve.
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02 mars 2011

Almond - Kiwi Shake

Almond - Kiwi Shakeingredients 2 ripe Kiwis 100g green almond paste2 tbsp sugar2 cups of milk1/2 tsp cardomom powderMethodScoop out the flesh of kiwi & keep aside.Add other ingredients & mix well.Blend in a food processor.Garnish with cardomom powder, chill & serve.

22 septembre 2009

Avocado Shake / Sinh To Bo - A Vietnamese drink

Avocado Shake Ingredients 1 ripe avocado 200 ml condensed milk3 tbsp sugar1/2 tsp cardomom powderIce cubes MethodScoop out the flesh of avocado & blend in a food processor.Add other ingredients  & mix well.Garnish with cardomom powder & serve.
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01 juillet 2009

Watermelon Milkshake

Watermelon Milkshake Ingredients3 cups of watermelon2tbsp sugar2 tbsp fresh lime juice200g sweetened condensed milk MethodWash,peel & deseed water melon.Cut into chunks & blend in a mixer.Add the other ingredients & blend until smooth & well mixed.Serve Chilled.
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01 avril 2009

Strawberry Fool on All Fool's Day

Strawberry Fool Ingredients250 g strawberries50g icing sugar20g sugar125g cream125g greek yogurtFew mint leavesMethod Wash, drain & hull strawberries .Reserve a few berries for decoration & chop others.Sprinkle icing sugar over them & macerate for half an hour.Mash it using potato masher & keep aside.(not a blender)Whip the cream with sugar, until it's stiff.Fold in yogurt & strawberry puree. Spoon the mixture into glasses & chill for an hour.Decorate with sliced strawberries  & mint leaves. ... [Lire la suite]
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11 décembre 2007

Avocado Delight - Creme de abacate

Avocado DelightIngredients 1 ripe avocado 1 tbsp lime juice2 tbsp sugar1/2 tsp cardomom powder or a dash of rumMethodScoop out the flesh of avocado & blend in a food processor.Drizzle with lime juice to avoid browning. . Add sugar, cardomom powder & mix well.Avocado delight is a nourishing dessert  for kids.Adults can use a dash of rum.
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