08 novembre 2007


Balushahi / BadushaIngredients50 g butter125 g curd1/2 tsp baking powder250g flour250 ml water250 g sugar1/2 vanilla essence / 2 cloves Oil for fryingChopped nuts ( Almonds/ Pistachio )MethodMix first four ingredients & keep aside for 15 mn.Make small balls & flatten inthe middle using your thumb.Make sugar syrup of thread consistency. (water+sugar+essence)Heat oil in a pan & fry balushahi.Cook both sides until golden brown.Using a fork remove it & dip in sugar syrup.Then place them on a serving plate.Decorate it with... [Lire la suite]
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19 octobre 2007

7 Cup Sweet

Seven Cup Sweet Ingredients1 cup gramflour1 cup dessicated coconut /fresh coconut1 cup ghee/ butter1 cup milk3 cups sugar1/2 tsp cardomom powderMethodDry roast gram flour for a while in medium heat. Add dessicated coconut, sugar,ghee, milk .Stir continousely over medium heat.When the mixture thickens, add cardomom powderWhen it leaves the sides of the pan, remove from fire . Pat it onto a greased dish & cut into desired shapes.
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17 octobre 2007

Brinjal Vada / Beignets d'aubergines

Brinjal BajjiIngredients 3 tbsp gram flour1 tsp chilli powder1 egg1/2 tsp salt2 cloves(crushed)1 Brinjal / Eggplant( finely sliced ) Chopped curryleaves (optional)WaterOil for fryingMethod Mix first five ingredients & keep aside for some time.If the batter is thick add some water.Keep aside for 15 min. Heat oil in a  frying pan.Dip the sliced brinjal in the batter & deep fry. Cook both sides of the bajji until golden brown.Remove using a slotted spoon & drain on a kitchen paper. Serve hot with or as a starter. ... [Lire la suite]
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12 octobre 2007

Gazelle's Horns

Cornes de gazelles Ingredients250g flour3 tbsp oil (75g butter)1/2 tsp salt10 cl orange waterFor filling200g almond paste(sweetened)1tsp cinnamon powder ***For homemade almond paste150g almond powder120g icing sugar1 tsp cinnamon powder1 egg white2 tbsp orange waterMethodMix first four ingredients & keep aside.Mix almond paste & cinnamon powder.Take a dough ball & flatten .Cut it into 7 c.m disc.Take a small cylinder of the almond mix & place it in the disc .Moist the other side of the pastry & fold it.Press &... [Lire la suite]
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27 septembre 2007

Greek Meat Balls / Keftedes

Greek Meat BallsIngredients2 green chilliesA piece of ginger2 garlic cloves2 onions500 g hamburger meat / ground meat2 eggsSalt to tasteChopped coriader leavesOil for fryingMethodBlend first four ingredients in a mixer & add to the ground meat.Mix the rest of the ingredients & keep in the refrigerator for 15 mn. Make evenly sized balls , roll in flour & deep fry till golden brown.Serve as a starter along with pitta bread.
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15 septembre 2007

Modak- Lord Ganesha's favourite sweet

Modak Ingredients2 cups rice powder11/2 cup luke warm water50g ghee / butterA pinch of salt5 tbsp fresh coconut / dessicated coconut5 jagerry cubesRaisins & cashewscardomom powder MethodMix the first four ingredients & keep aside for 1 hour. Gently heat jaggery & water to make a syrup.Remove from fire & strain it.Add coconut,raisins, cashews & keep it in medium heat. When it becomes thick, remove from fire. Grease the modak mould.Take a dough ball, put it it mould & press.Then fill in a tsp. full of coconut mix... [Lire la suite]
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02 août 2007


Kayada Ingredients2 bananas (mashed) 2 tbsp water200 g Jaggery 200g rice powder 3 tbsp freshly grated coconut / dessicated coconut1/2 tsp cardomom powderBanana leaves / Modak mouldMethodGently heat jaggery & water to make a thick syrup.Strain it & keep aside. Add mashed banana, jaggery syrup, rice flour & cardomom.Mix well & make lemon size balls. Grease a modak mold with butter.Take a dough ball & shape it using modak mould.Repeat the process with other dough balls.Steam for 20-25 mn.Cool & serve.In Kerala, we... [Lire la suite]
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09 mars 2007

Cauliflower Pakoda

Cauliflower PakodaIngredients4 tbsp gram flour 1 tsp red chilli powder 1/2 tsp salt 1 tsp crushed cumin seeds 1/2 tsp ginger paste1/2 cauliflowerCurry leaves / Coriander leavesOil for fryingMethodMake a batter using first five ingredients & water. Keep aside.Separate the cauliflower florets. Mix with 1 tsp salt & steam for 6 min.Heat oil in a pan. Take each floret, dip in the batter & fry till golden brown.Remove using a slotted spoon & drain on a kitchen paper. Serve hot with or as a starter.
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03 mars 2007

Besan Ke Ladoo

Besan Ke LadooIngredients 100g semolina100g gram flour150 g sugar (powdered)100 g butter2 tbsp milk1/2 tsp cardomom powderCashews & raisinsMethodDry roast semolina & gram flour separately. This must be done in low fire.Stir continuosly till light golden brown.Keep aside.Melt ghee & pour into the roasted stuff. Add fried cashews, raisins,powder sugar & cardomom powder. Add milk & mix well.Cool & shape into ladoos.    
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14 février 2007

Pink Cookies for Happy Valentine's day

C'est la Saint Valentin, Fête des Amoureux Pink Cookies Ladoo  Ingredients10 Pink biscuits of Reims50g butter50g icing sugarAn egg yolk1 tbsp milk1/2 tsp cinnamon powder Method Blend the biscuits into fine powder.Add egg yolk, milk, icing sugar & keep aside.Melt butter & add cinnamon powder.Pour & gently mix with the other ingredients.Make small balls & roll it on icing sugar.  Crunchy pink biscuits  is the the speciality of Reims, capital of the Champagne Region.French dip these rectangular... [Lire la suite]