01 juillet 2013

Happy Canada Day !!

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12 février 2010

BC Place Stadium , Vancouver , Canada.

BC Place Stadium BC place Stadium is the largest air supported domed stadium in the world.It 's located on the northside of False Creek which was  inaugurated on 19th July 1983 & seats 60,000. World Expo 1986 was held here.This is the venue of the opening & closing ceremony of 2010 Winter Olympic Games. It's the first Indoor Olympic stadium in the history of olympics. Photo taken from the top of the Vancouver Lookout Tower.
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18 mars 2009

Crazy Creek Water Falls, Malakwa, British Columbia.

Crazy Creek Waterfalls Crazy Creek Waterfalls is located in the midway between Sicamous & Revelstoke.  Raised timber boardwalks leads to a 240 ft suspension bridge across the canyon.
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13 mars 2009

West Edmonton Mall, Alberta, Canada

West Edmonton MallWest Edmonton Mall is the world's largest shopping & entertainment complex started in 1981 by two Iranian brothers . The complex as a whole is 500,000m2 . The main attractions are Galaxyland, Water Park, Sea Life Cavern, Pirate Ship, Ice Palace, Bungee Jump tower &  two Golf Courses.There are 800 stores & a Chinatown . Replica of Santa Maria- a ship of ColombusWorld's largest Indoor Wave Pool
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03 mars 2009

Emerald Lake, British Colombia, Canada.

Emerald Lake Emerald Lake is located in the Yoho National Park. It was discovered  in 1882 by Tom Wilson- a mountain guide. This stunning emerald coloured lake is surrounded by President Range, Mount Bergess & Wapta Mountains. This is the favourite destination of hikers & canoers . 
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18 février 2009

Hoodoos, Alberta, Canada

The Hoodoos Hoodoos site is located 16 km south of Drumheller. Hoodoos are strange pillars resting on a thick base of shale that's capped by a large rock. Fossilized dinosaur bones found in this region are in the Royal Tyrrell Museum.  This yet eerie landscape of the Canadian Badlands can be seen in Drumheller, East Coulee, Lehigh, Cambria, Rosedale, Wayne & Nacmine. The Dinosaur Provincial Park is a United Nations World Heritage site.   
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18 décembre 2008

The Gastown Steam Clock, Vancouver.

Gastown Steam ClockGastown was Vancouver's first downtown named after "Gassy Jack", a steamboat captain who arrived in 1867 to open a saloon. Gastown's most famous landmark is it's steam powered clock. This glass & bronze clock plays the chimes of Big Ben every quarter hour .
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21 novembre 2008

Capilano Suspension Bridge, Vancouver.

Capilano Suspension Bridge Capilano Suspension Bridge is 230 ft above & 450 ft across the Capilano River. Steps onto the swaying planks takes you high above the forest floor for a thrilling encounter with the rainforests.  Then it's time for Treetops Adventure,which takes you through a series of interconnected platforms & bridges linking giant trees like Cedar, Douglas-fir &  Hemlock.The original Capilano Bridge was built by George Grant Mackay in 1889  to access prime forest lands & was... [Lire la suite]
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31 octobre 2008

Canada Place, Vancouver, British Columbia.

Canada PlaceCanada place is a building with white sails, situated on the Burrand Inlet ( Crique de Burrand) waterfront of Vancouver.
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17 octobre 2008

Horseshoe Canyon, Alberta, Canada

Horseshoe Canyon Fossils located at the "Canyon Viewpoint" Horseshoe Canyon is situated in the Alberta province, 17km southwest of Drumheller. These geographical layers were laid down in Cretaceous period . 70 million years ago dinosaurs roamed around  this region. In 1743, French Canadian explorers François & Louis-Joseph de la Verendrye described this haunting landscape of mesas, buttes & coulees as " mauvaise terres" / "badlands".   
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