11 septembre 2015

Locarno, Switzerland.

Locarno Locarno is a magnificent summer resort hidden within the Alps. This charming town is located in the northern part of Lake Maggiore. Heart of the town is Piazza Grande. Promenade around the lake shore is decorated with trees & flowers.  To get the spectacular view of the lake & the surrounding mountains take a funicular upto Madonna de Sasso.  Every year in August this town hosts the International Film Festival.     
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03 mars 2014

Palais Des Nations -United Nations Office @ Geneva

Palais Des Nations   Palais Des Nations of Geneva is the European head quarters of the UN.  It's located in the middle of the Ariana Park with 34 conference rooms & 2800 offices. It houses the office of the High Commissioner of the Human Rights, United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (ECE),United Nations conference on Trade & Development (UNCTAD) & United Nations for the Co ordination of Humanitarian Affairs. The Consultation Hall & the Assembly Hall are opened to public. The Allée des... [Lire la suite]
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03 mars 2014

Geneva, Switzerland

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20 janvier 2011

The Treille Park, Geneva.

Le Banc de la Treille In the beginning of the 18th centuary, the artillary post of the defense was transformed into a long walkway popularly known as the Treille Walk / Promenade de la Treille. Two rows of chestnut trees are planted all along this way & the blossoming of these trees mark the arrival of spring in Switzerland. Le Banc de la Treille - world's longest wooden bench of 126m is in this park. From this point you can see the Bastion Park and the Salève & Jura mountains. This is an ideal place for picnic &... [Lire la suite]
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17 décembre 2010

The Broken Chair Monument, Geneva

Broken Chair Monument The "Broken Chair" / "La Chaise Amputée" is a wooden sculpture, beside the European head quarters of UN. This 12m high, 3 legged chair was designed by Swiss artist Daniel Berset & sculptured by a carpenter Louis Genève. This was erected by Handicap International on Aug - 1997 & symbolises opposition to land mines & cluster bombs. The Broken Chair Monument Ariana Park, Avenue de la PaixGeneva
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01 février 2010

Statue of Mahatma Gandhi, Geneva, Switzerland.

Statue of Mahatma Gandhi Statue of Mahatma Gandhi was unveiled on Nov 14th 2007, to  commemorate the 60th anniversary of  Indo - Swiss  friendship ( Treaty & Amity - Aug 14th 1948 ). This is also  a gift of the Indian Government to the City of Geneva, for it's role in promoting peace, harmony & friendship.Statue of Mahatma Gandhi Ariana Park, Avenue de la PaixGeneva.
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21 décembre 2009

Reformation Wall / Reformation Monument - Geneva.

Reformation Wall Reformation Monument  is a giant wall of 100m long set in the Bastion Park/ Parc des Bastions. In the centre of this wall there are four statues of major Genevan Reformers each 15 ft tall - Guillaume Farel (1489-1565), Jean Calvin (1509-1564), Théodore de Bèze (1513-1605) and John Knox (1513-1572). Behind these statues stands the motto of the Reformation and of Geneva: "Post Tenebras Lux." This was inaugurated in 1909, for the 400th birth anniverasary of John Cavin & 350th... [Lire la suite]
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21 décembre 2009

National Monument, Geneva.

National MonumentNational Monument is a bronze statue of two ladies created by Robert Dorier in 1869. It's located in the Jardin Anglais & represents the union of Independent Republic of Geneva to Switzerland on Sept 12th 1814.
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03 décembre 2009

Geneva's Flower Clock / Horloge Fleuri.

Flower Clock Geneva is famous for it's watch industry. Some of the famous manufacturers are Patek Phillipe,Mont Blanc, Tissot, Jaeger Le Coultre, Breitling, Tag Heuer etc. Flower clock / Horloge Fleuri is located in the heart of Geneva town since 1955 ie in between the Mont Blanc bridge & the Jardin Anglais. The seconds hand of this clock is 2.5m long & it's the longest second hand in the world.
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26 novembre 2009

Water Fountain / Le Jet d' Eau - Geneva, Switzerland

Water Fountain This water fountain is the symbol of Geneva.  Originally it was just a security valve at the Coulouvrenière hydraulic factory. Later in 1891, it was trasferred to the "Rade". This water jet popularly known as " Jet d' Eau", shoots 500 litres of water to 150m at a speed of 200 km/hr. In the evening, eight projectors light this majestic fountain. The Lake of Geneva / Lac Léman with Alps background is magnificent. Wide range of cruises are available near this lake. Le Jet d'... [Lire la suite]
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