Spicy Mini X'mas Trees

1 frozen puff pastry
2 slices of ham (cut in 3cm strips)
Garlic & herb cream cheese
An egg yolk (beaten)
Sesame seeds / Poppy seeds (optional)
Spread the puff pastry.
Spread cream cheese  uniformly over it.
With a sharp knife, cut in 3 cm strips.
Place the 3 cm ham strips over it.
Fold it in the ziz-zag manner so that the top folding is smaller than the base.
Fix the foldings with a barbecue skewer . 
Then beat an egg yolk with 1 tbsp water & brush on the the top.
Top with sesame seeds or poppy seeds .
Bake for 18min, 180° C (Ther - 6) . 
Serve as a starter.