30 mai 2006


PARISVidéo envoyée par elisababou PARIS - Capital of France
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30 mai 2006


Region : Midi-Pyrénées Departments : Aveyron, Cahors,Gers,Tarn, Tarn et Garonne,Haute Garonne, Haute Pyrénées & Ariege.    Toulouse             Toulouse is called " la Ville Rose " (the pink city) because most of the buildings, houses and even the banks of Garonne are built with red bricks. In the  Middle Ages the local quarries became exhausted and  the people were forced to use red bricks.  City was founded by the Romans.In 16th century it was... [Lire la suite]
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28 mai 2006


  Bienvenue*Welcome*Namaskar                   PA R I S, the charming capital of France is over 2000 years old . Most of the world's finest  monuments are here. French are really proud of their rich heritage. I really appreciate them for preserving their historic treasures. In this page I wish to explain some of the monuments I have visited & it's short history . History   Around 250-200 BC,  Loukteih ( Celtic for marsh)  was a small fishing... [Lire la suite]
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