Ziegenbalg Monument


Bartholomäus Ziegenbalg & Heinrich Plütschau were two German missionaries sent by Frederick IV of Denmark to preach Christianity in India. They landed at Tranquebar coast on July 9th 1706. They were the first protestant missionaries to Indian Sub-continent. Both worked hard to convert local Hindus to Christians & the first group were baptized on May 12th 1707. With the help of the Tamil scholars, Ziegenbalg mastered Tamil. He translated the New Testament to Tamil in 1715 A.D & a Tamil book "Ulaga Needhhi" / "Universal Justice" in German. "An Account of Malabarians" was another book written by him.  On 1712 A.D, he setup the first printing press in India & printed Holy Bible in Tamil. The New Jerusalem Church was built by him in 1718 A.D. He was the first missionary to preach in Tamil. He couldn't bear the harsh climate of this area. His health deteriorated &  passed away on Feb 23rd 1719. His body is resting in the New Jerusalem Church. Even after three centuaries, he is still remembered for his work.
A stone monument is erected to mark the arrival of the Danes.