Saint-Jean-de-Luz is 15 km away from Biarritz.
The Nivelle River flows through this town & Cibourne, to join the Atlantic Ocean at Bay of Biscay.
This coastal town has played an important role in the history of France.

In 1610, Henri IV was assasinated by Ravaillac. The Queen Marie de Médicis decided to be in good ties with Spain & decided to marry her two kids Louis & Elizabeth with the Royal kids of Spain. Thus Louis XIII married Anne of Austria in Burgos & Princess Elizabeth married Philip IV of Spain in Bordeaux.
Louis XIII died in 1643 & Louis XIV became the King of France.

L2Louis XIV arrived at Saint-Jean- de- Luz on 8th May 1660 to sign the Treaty of the Pyrenees & to marry Maria Theresa of Spain (niece of the Queen Mother Anne of Austria). The young King stayed at the Lohobiagues' mansion & young Princess at Maison Joanoenia. Both these houses are now remnamed as Maison Louis XIV & Maison de L'Infante. The Maison Louis XIV was constructed in 1643 by a rich aristocrat Johannis de Lohobiague & the Maison Joanoenia was owned by a wealthy merchant Johannot de Haraneder.
On 9th June 1660, Louis XIV married Maria Theresa of Spain at the town church Saint-Jean-Baptiste. The insciption of this Royal Wedding is seen on the right side of southern doorway.