Cuisiniers_17Roll-Up Pancakes with Smoked SalmonCuisiniers_17

175 g flour (Type 45)
2 eggs (beaten)
1tsp salt
1 tsp cumin seeds
2tbsp olive oil
300ml milk
10 slices of smoked salmon /Trout
Cheese spread with roasted pepper (boursin)
Chopped leaves (dill/coriander/chives)
Mix first four ingredients (without any lumps) in a bowl .
Add milk & stir again. Keep aside for half an hour.
If the batter is thick, add some more milk.
Heat a nonstick pan / griddle with little oil.
Pour a spoon full of batter & spread it.  (in a circular way)
Cook on both sides.   
Slice smoked salmon in thin strips.
Lay a pancake on the chopping board.
Evenly spread cream cheese over it.

Top with salmon slices & chopped leaves.
Cover with another pancake 
& rollup carefully.
With a sharp knife cut into 1" rolls.

Use a tooth pick to hold the rolled ingredients together.
Individual rolls can be served as cocktail bites.