Plaza De La Merced


PicassoPlaza de la Merced is the heart of Malaga. In the centre is the Monumento a Torrijos, which is an obelisk designed by Rafael Mitjana. This was erected in  the memory of General Jose Maria de Torrijos Y Uriarte  who was executed for defending civil rights.
Malaga is the birthplace of the world renowed artist Pablo Ruiz Picasso. Picasso's father José Ruiz Blasco was an art teacher & he rented the first floor of "Casas De Campas" for 3 years. Picasso was born on 25th Oct, 1881. In 1885, the family moved to Barcelona. Today this building is a museum & the the head quarters of Picasso Foundation. Another Picasso Museum issituated near the Cathedral.  In 1988, a bronze statue of Pablo Picasso sitting on a bench with a notebook & a pencil was erected. The statue was designed by Francisco Lopez Hernadez. This square is lined with Jacaranda trees & in spring they are in stunning  purple blooms.