16 octobre 2015

Sweet Plantain Balls - Malabar Special .

Sweet Plantain Balls Ingredients2 cups rice powder11/2 cup luke warm water50g ghee / butterA pinch of salt **Filling**1 tbsp ghee2 ripe plantains (steam cooked & mashed) 2 tbsp fresh coconut / dessicated coconut5 jagerry cubesRaisins & cashewsCardomom powder MethodMix the first four ingredients & keep aside for 1 hour. Gently heat jaggery & water to make a syrup.Remove from fire & strain it.Steam cook plantains.Peel, mash & keep aside.Heat ghee in a pan & fry cashews & raisins. Then add coconut... [Lire la suite]
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17 septembre 2015

Beetroot Modak

Beetroot Modak Ingredients2 cups rice powder1 tbsp flour1 tsp sugar11/2 cup luke warm water50g ghee / butterA pinch of saltFor Filling 1 cups freshly grated coconut / dessicated coconut1 cup grated beetroot2 cups sugar1/2 tsp cinnamon powderRaisins & cashewsOil/ ghee for frying.MethodMix the first six ingredients & keep aside for an hour. Gently heat sugar & water to make a syrup.Add coconut & keep it on medium heat. When it becomes thick, remove from fire.Add fried cashews & raisins along with... [Lire la suite]
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31 juillet 2015

Begun Bhaja / Bengali Brinjal Fritters

Begun Bhaja Ingredients Brinjal / Eggplant( finely sliced )1/4 tsp turmeric powderSalt to tate***Half cup gram flour1 tbsp rice flour1 tsp chilli powderA pinch of hing1 tsp kalongi seedsAn1 egg (optional)Chopped curryleaves (optional)WaterOil for fryingMethodMarinate the brinjal slices in salt & turmeric.Mix the other ingredients & keep aside for some time.If the batter is thick add some water.Heat oil in a  frying pan.Dip the sliced brinjal in the batter & deep fry. Cook both sides of the bajji until... [Lire la suite]
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17 juillet 2015

Baklava Rolls

Baklava Rolls  IngredientsFilo pastry(10)1cup melted butterFilling250g nuts (toasted & crushed) *** 200g honey 3 tbsp orange water Oil for fryingMethod Mix the filling ingredients & keep aside for an hour. ***Boil honey with orange water & make a syrup. Folding Roll out the filo pastry & brush it with melted butter.Sprinkle uniformly with nuts. Then roll it over a chapathi rolling pin. (as in photo)Brush another filo pastry with melted butter & roll over the other.Then remove the baklava roll &... [Lire la suite]
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15 juillet 2015

Carrot Rava Ladoo

Carrot Thari Unda  Ingredients1 cup semolina (dry roast)1 cup sugar1 cup grated carrot 3 tbsp freshly grated coconut / dessicated coconut 100 g butter / 4 tbsp ghee 1/2 tsp cardomom powder Raisins & Cashews MethodDry roast semolina in a pan for 5 mn & keep aside.Wash, peel & cut the carrots in chunks.Just blend in a food processor & keep aside. Heat ghee in a non stick pan. Fry raisins & cashews & keep aside. In the same pan add rest of the butter  & fry scraped carrots. Fry for a... [Lire la suite]
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22 juin 2015

Honey Almond Cigars - A Moroccan Sweet .

 Almond Cigars Ingredients15 Tunisien brick pastry (feuilles de brick) Filling250 g almond powder150g icing sugar2 egg whiteszest of a lemon1/2 tsp cinnamon powder*For Syrup* 300g sugar750ml water1 tbsp honey  1 tbsp orange waterZest of an organic lemon***Melted butter for brushingToasted sesame / pistachios for decoration. Method Mix the filling ingredients & keep aside for an hour.Then make cigars & keep aside. Folding Take a brick pastry & cut into 2 semicircles.Brush the surface with melted... [Lire la suite]
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11 juin 2015

Cheater Churros

Cheater Churros Ingredients 2  puff pastriesSugarCinnamon powderMelted butterMethodPreheat oven to 180°C.Roll out the puff pastry.Using a sharp knife, cut into a finger long strips with 2 cm width.Place a parchment paper over a baking sheet & arrange them.  Bake for 8-10mn, until puffed & golden brown. Mix sugar with cinnamon powder. Dip a side of the puffed strips in melted butter & then roll in cinnamon+ sugar mix. Keep aside for 5 mn & then serve.
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04 juin 2015

Bread Bonda

Bread Bonda Ingredients4 medium size potatoes (Quartered)2  onions (thinly sliced)2 green chillies (half slit)A piece of ginger (chopped)2 carrots (chopped)A handfull of green peas (optional)1/4 tsp turmeric powder1 tsp musturd seeds1 tsp urud dal seedsCurry leaves / coriander leavesSalt to taste****2 egg whites (beaten)Salt & PepperSlices of breadOil for fryingMethod Boil the quartered potatoes in salted water until tender (20 mn).Drain & let it cool. Peel , mash it & keep aside.Use a chopper for carrots &... [Lire la suite]
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20 mai 2015

Pasteis de Bacalhau - Portuguese Cod Fritters

Pasteis de Bacalhau IngredientsA piece of ginger(chopped) 6 shallots(chopped) 2 garlic clovesCurry leaves (chopped) A green chilli(chopped) ***3 salted cod filets3 big potatoes (cook,peel & mash) 2 eggs (beaten) Chopped coriander leaves Freshly ground pepperSalt to taste Oil for frying MethodBoil the quartered potatoes in water until tender (20 mn).Drain & let it cool. Peel, mash it & keep aside.Soak the cod filets in water for 12 hours , changing water 4 times. Drain & cook in water until tender... [Lire la suite]
23 mars 2015

Breaded Potato Balls

Breaded Potato Balls Ingredients 3 medium size potatoes (Quartered)5  button mushrooms (choped)2 carrots(chopped)2  onions (thinly sliced)2 green chillies (chopped)A piece of ginger (chopped) Freshly ground pepperChopped coriander leaves *** 2 egg whites (beaten)Bread crumbsSpray OilMethodBoil the quartered potatoes in salted water until tender (20 mn).Drain & let it cool. Peel, mash it & keep aside.Use a chopper for carrots, chilli  & ginger. **** Heat oil in a pan & fry... [Lire la suite]
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