24 décembre 2012

Bolo Rei - Portuguese King's Cake

Bolo ReiIngredients 1 trinket400g flour15g fresh yeast40ml luke warm milk75g butter75g sugar2 eggs + an yolkA pinch of salt***25g almonds(chopped)25g walnuts10g pine nuts***25g sultanas125g candied fruits (chopped)1 tbsp Port WineFor glaze1 egg yolk Some candied fruitsMethodPreheat oven to 180°.Dilute yeast in luke warm milk.Soak raisins & chopped fruits in wine & keep aside.Cream together the butter, sugar & salt .Add beaten egg & mix well.Mix with the flour along with yeast mixture  & knead for 10mnThen... [Lire la suite]
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27 septembre 2010

Chocolate Bun

Chocolate BunIngredients 500g flour25g fresh yeast70g butter200ml milk75g sugarAn eggA pinch of salt50g chocolate chips25g walnuts (chopped)25g sultanas3 tbsp chocolate powderFor glaze1 egg yolk1 tbsp milkMethodPreheat oven to 180°.Dilute yeast in luke warm milk.Mix all the other ingredients & knead for 10mnKeep the dough it in the fridge for 1 hour. Then add chopped nuts, raisins & chocolate chips.Then put the dough on a greased baking tray & allow to rise for half an hour.Beat an egg yolk in a tbsp milk & glaze the... [Lire la suite]
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03 mars 2010

Pyrizhky - Ukrainian Bun with Meat Filling

Pyrizhky Ingredients500g flour10 g fresh yeast1 tsp sugar1/2 tsp ginger powder1/4 cup luke warm water1cup milk50 g butter2 eggs1/2 tsp saltMeat Filling 250 g minced meat2 onions(chopped)1 cup cooked peas (optional)1 tbsp tomato puree2 cloves of garlic + a piece of ginger (make a paste)1 green chilli1 tbsp masala powder1/2 tsp red chilli powder1/4 tsp turmeric powderCurry leaves / coriander leavesSalt to tasteMethodHeat oil in a sauce pan.Fry onions till light golden brown.Add ginger- garlic paste & fry again.Then add masala,salt... [Lire la suite]
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16 mai 2008

C'est La Fête du Pain.- Fougasse

Fougasse aux lardons et aux olivesIngredients500g flour10 g fresh yeast1/2 glass luke warm water1/2 tsp salt2 tbsp olive oil1 cup chopped olive1/2 cup chopped hamMethodDilute yeast in luke warm water with 1 tsp sugar . Set aside for 15 minuites.Mix all the ingredients & knead well.Cover the bowl with a damp cloth & keep aside for 1 hour.Take an orange sized ball & flatten it into thick oval shaped.Make cuts using a knife (resembles a leaf)Preheat oven to 240°C (Th-8)Bake for 20-30 mn.Your Fougasse is ready to serve. Today... [Lire la suite]
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23 octobre 2007

Chelsea Buns

Pains aux raisins Ingredients For the pastry550g flour25g fresh yeast70g butter210ml milk75g sugar2 eggsA pinch of saltFor filling50g butter50g sugar50g currants25g sultanas1 tsp cinnamon powderFor glaze1 egg1 tbsp milkMethodPreheat oven to 180°.Dilute yeast in warm milk.Mix all the other ingredients & knead for 10mnKeep the dough it in the fridge for 1 hour. Cream together butter & sugar.Then add raisins,currants &cinnamon powder.Roll out into rectangular shape (30*23) & spread the filling uniformly.Roll out into... [Lire la suite]
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05 juin 2007

Le Pain Maghrebin.

Arab BreadIngredients500 gms  Semolina20gms fresh yeast 1 tsp cumin seedsAn eggSalt to tasteMethod Dilute 20gms fresh yeast in a bowl in luke warm water.Take semolina in a bowl.Add an egg & a spoonfull of cumin. Mix well with diluted yeast & pour into a greased  cake pan.  Cover the pan with a cloth & keep aside for 30 minuites.Then bake it  for 20 mn -Temp 200°C. Serve with curry.
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